Bad Faith Insurance

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Insurance companies are required to deal with you fairly and in good faith. Unfortunately, sometimes they fail to live up to this standard.

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The Luff Law Firm represents clients against insurance companies who are:

  • refusing to pay a claim
  • only paying you for part of a claim
  • delaying its investigation or payment of a claim
  • failing to cooperate with you in resolving a claim

Under Texas law, an insurer may not deny or delay payment of a claim when its liability is reasonably clear, or cancel your insurance policy without a reasonable basis. This duty under the law is separate from any duties the insurer has under your insurance policy.

Not only must your insurer conduct an adequate investigation of your claim before denying coverage; it also must not conduct the investigation in order to provide a basis for denying your claim.

If an insurer has committed bad faith, you may be entitled to the benefits provided for in your insurance contract, as well as damages for the loss of your ability to obtain credit, damages for the serious disruption that claim denials can cause in your life, and punitive damages. In some cases, you may even be eligible for double or triple damages.

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