Products Liability

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Companies are required to produce safe products. But sometimes, either because they were badly designed or manufactured poorly, these products can cause you or your loved ones injuries, or even death.

Products liability protects your right to be safe from these products. Not only does products liability law give you a means of compensation for your injuries, it also holds companies accountable for their dangerous products, leading to the design and manufacture of safer products in the future.

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The Luff Law Firm represents clients against:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • automobile defects
  • industrial machine defects
  • other unsafe consumer products

A product manufacturer is required to warn you about dangers in its products when those dangers are not obvious. Hidden dangers may be present not just in a medication or supplement, but also in common household items. Manufacturers must also use reasonable care in designing their products.

We spend much of our lives in our cars, and our safety depends on their reliability. If you have been involved in an accident that you think may have resulted from a defect in your car, call us today.

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